Sunday, June 10, 2007

Polka dot

I saw this lady leaving the 53rd St. station on Saturday. Too good to pass up.

Allan and I are heading to North Carolina this week to visit his sister. We'll be dropping by Hero Con on Friday and possibly also an animation festival.


Christi said...

oh wow. that's great. she makes me think of a ladybug kind of.

gina bari said...

Alisa I love this drawing! She really does look like a lady bug. I love the style you drew it in. She also reminds me of the Willie Wonka movie- the old one. Theres a sence when they all go into a yard and everything in it is edible. There is on mushroom seat that one of the kids starts eatting. Your drawing reminds me of that. Now you have to rent the movie.
Love, gina