Friday, November 20, 2009

Pushing the pose

Two drawings from a 4 minute pose last week. I like trying to get the gesture down quickly so sometimes 4 minutes is too long. In this case, I did the bottom drawing first and then realized I could push it further. Upon further analysis, I realized the model was actually jutting her head out much more than I'd drawn. I suddenly remembered Walt Stanchfield's notes and his observation that most people tend to "straighten up" the pose. Guilty as charged. I've got to finish reading through his books.


David said...

Very nice comparison. When I'm sketching live poses I often find my 1-minute sketches come out looking better than the longer ones. It's when I draw longer that I lose the natural position.


Very Very Nice..
She was a fine model....I'm going through a little model withdrawl...I hope I get out this week.


Matthew Brehm said...

excellent sketches and a very good observation - thanks for sharing!

Alisa said...

David- I find the same thing. It's strange that 3 hour poses were once normal, but even a 10 minute pose now seems too long!

Thanks Pedro! I should be back this week as well.

Thanks Matthew!