Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self-portrait and a Zine Fest

Well the past two crazy months culminated in a pretty kick-ass pilot that no one will ever see, but will hopefully get green lit as a series and then I can be like "THAT was the thing I was working on!" I drew a rough sketch of how I saw myself pre and post-work that got a giggle out of Allan so I cleaned it up and colored it too. It was so nice to ink on paper again, even if I feel a bit rusty.

I'm pretty excited to be a part of the upcoming Pete's Mini Zine fest on Saturday May 28th! It will combine two of my favorite things: Comics and live music! I'm working on a topical new mini comic to debut at the fest. Check back next week for some more on that!


Ink Asylum said...

I like the "jeans" / "no jeans" comparison


Ha ha ha...this is pretty a chuckle out of it... You've gotta love the way a mood on a job can change like that sometimes even at the drop of a hat..
Regardless, I wish you much luck on the show...