Monday, November 23, 2015

Two books I illustrated are now for sale!

I've been waiting until it was at least the end of November to share the news of my latest work for sale. Two books that I illustrated earlier this year are now available exclusively at Barnes & Noble!

All Dog Wants for Christmas

All Cat Wants for Christmas

Because of my experience with drawing cats for The Collected Counter Attack!, my author friend Colleen AF recommended me as an illustrator to her author friend Lizz Brady. Lizz wrote and I drew the illustrations for two books that are now available at Barnes & Noble online and in their stores!

Lizz wrote the hilarious letters from pets to Santa and let me chose the letters I wanted to illustrate. It was a really fun project to work on with a super quick turnaround for publishing. I signed the contract in February (shout out to Thomas Crowell for his legal advice) and handed in the final jacket cover art at the end of June for both books. Lizz even included my cats Moe and Fidget as two of the pets who wrote letters which was very touching.

The folks at MJF books did a lovely job with the printing. Here are a few interior pages:

You can check the Barnes & Noble website to make sure they have the books in stock or you can order online. It seems like they may be able to ship internationally, but I'm not sure exactly how that works. They should be shelved on a table with stocking stuffers or at the bargain book table. If you like them and want to leave a review on the B&N website, that is always appreciated! Also if you take a picture with your pet and either of the books, I will definitely retweet it on Twitter or share on my Facebook page.

Here's Moe looking unimpressed next to the books:

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