Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sunday Jaunuary 28th is Sketchcrawl 12.5!

From Enrico Casarosa:
A new idea. For this one special SketchCrawl let's all spend a day, an afternoon or a couple of hours drawing our own places, homes, apartments!
The objects around you, your desks, couches, kitchens !!
For this one time, SketchCrawl won't be about meeting artists, but it will be about taking our time to look around our places ... and then sharing the sketches here.
We are gonna be able to see drawings of homes from around the world !!!

You can post your drawings at the Sketchcrawl Forum.

Happy sketching!

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Kanokadafi said...

cool!, Toni was telling me about this sketchcrawl, should be interesting.