Sunday, March 25, 2007

LaGuardia sketches

I've been avoiding changing to new that's why I haven't posted lately. Stupid Blogger.

Anyway, I was just in Arizona for my little brother's wedding about 2 weeks ago. Here are some sketches I did in LaGuardia Airport waiting for our delayed flight.

Allan and I are headed out to LA this week for a friends' wedding. It'll basically be a long weekend, but we may get to swing by Dreamworks on Friday, to visit a friend if we're lucky!


liam said...

yeaaaaaaa new post--welcome to new blogger--think of all the brand new frustrations that await you here
hope to see some drawings from cali when you guys get back
have fun

Justin Roth said...

cool sketches! i wish i had the discipline to sit still at an airport and draw!