Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tek Jansen

If you check out the Colbert Report tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30, you may just catch the first episode of Tek Jansen's second season of animated adventures. The second season is animated at Flickerlab in New York, and I was brought on last minute to help with some cleanup and lip synch. There's some quality drawing even though it was a tight budget, mostly due to fellow SVA grad Simon Ampel and Phil Lockerby. There's also some sweet backgrounds by Max Porter and Bryan Cox. It may also be online in the coming days, and there will be a number of new episodes in the coming months to watch out for.

EDIT: It's also on Ifilm.

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During my recent and ongoing listlessness of Unemployment I saw one of these.... it was WACKY. I personally liked the dude with the gaping hole in his chest handing out directions...

Congrats on the good work.