Thursday, July 16, 2009

1 minute

Here's a bunch of 1 minute poses from last nights class. It's my first attempt to instill some of the new found knowledge of the Walt Stanchfield lectures. I'm trying to stop making pretty pictures and make good gestures. Drawing is hard.

Last night I also had to say "see ya later" to another of NY's finest who is moving to LA. Be nice to Mr. Warburton, west coast. On a positive note, I got to catch up with a bunch of great people I never see.

I got a copy of Bill Cone's "Light, Water & Granite" delivered to my door today. Pastels have always eluded me, but what this man can do with color is just amazing.

Also, I've updated my resume on my website!


Phil said...

sweet gesture sketches!
I just got the emails for the sketchcrawl this week. silly me.


Great looking gestures... Really reading whats happening... and there was certainly some forces at work with last nights model...


mikecarloooyeah said...

Cool stuff Alisa, The sketch crawl looks like it must've been fun. I'll have to try to make it down next time. Good stuff.

Alisa said...

Thanks guys! Don't know when the next sketchcrawl will be yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Nelly D. said...

I finally found a copy at borders and skimmed through it.

Didn't realize it was a crazy big tome of knowledge.

I just ordered them and they should arrive today. Can't want to start reading!

Have they helped a lot? I'm surprised to find some of walt's saying in the books to be a sort of life guide for the life of a creative. Which is not what i was expecting.

Alisa said...

Nels, I'd say I'm almost halfway through the first volume, although I'm probably not absorbing as much of it as I'd like. I was also pleasantly surprised by his "life lessons" sprinkled through the text. I've been writing some of my favorite passages on post-its and hanging them over my art desk. :)