Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sketchcrawl #23

A few drawings from Sketchcrawl on Saturday:

Central Park and 110th St.

Jazz on the Great Hill in Central Park

I also have some photos from Sketchcrawl and the Asian American Comic Con over here.



Great looking stuff.

I missed another fun day.


Alisa said...

You're telling me you didn't draw in Michigan? See you at asifa when you get back!

Phil said...

yeah, great sketches. I'm sorry I missed it. Must have been napping. when's the next one?

Christi said...

hey cool sketches. poor guy. but i love how that girl on the ground looks super happy

Alisa said...

Hey Phil, not sure when the next one is yet. I'll keep you posted.

Hey Christi! Ya, he was just snoozin while everyone was biking and running around too fast for me to sketch.