Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Upcoming stuff

I don't usually post non-art here, but this is all art-related...

An animated film I've been long anticipating is playing this Saturday and Sunday at the IFC theater (11 am both days) I've been following the production blog for The Secret of Kells for quite some time. It sounds like it will get a wider release, but why not help give it a little push?

I also got my copies of Walt Stanchfield's Disney lectures yesterday. The two volumes are much heftier than I expected and FULL of awesome drawings and instruction. A lot of this is available on the web for free, but I'm the sort who likes to hold things in my hand and flip through them rather than stare at the computer more than I need to.

Any artist, whether an animator or not, can't help but benefit from this legend's teaching of gesture. I'm looking forward to getting into chapter 2 before life drawing this evening.



I'm so geeked for KELLS!..


Alisa said...

You and me both! Which day are you going? I'll be there Sat.