Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Urban Nomad # 2 preview!

Look what I just got in the mail this past weekend! Allan and I will be at King Con this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 7 & 8) so you should stop by and check them out in person!

Here's a sample page! This issue contains 10 brand new stories from my life in NYC. Click the image to make larger.

I cleaned up the paypal links to the right and added some preview links to Counter Attack as well as my bookmarks. Check it out!


Phil said...

see you at king con comic con!

Alisa said...

see ya there!

sunilo said...

Wandered over here from the SketchCrawl forum. Great stuff! (Poor gloves...)

Are you planning on going to Chelsea Market for the next crawl?

Alisa said...

Thanks sunilo! Yep, Chelsea Market sounds good to me. I'll drop by the forum again to see if there's any other updates.