Tuesday, January 05, 2010

10 year art review

I'm not big on making resolutions at any specific point in the year, but I was feeling reflective. A few memes have been going around where artists are posting old art from the past 10 years.

From 2005 onward, most of these are from blog posts. Pre-2004 I didn't have a computer so to save the time of scanning stuff from old sketchbooks, most of it is from my early website. 2000-2001 was mainly from my portfolio and is relatively formal and art-schooly. If I had an intern, I'd have them scan more interesting stuff from my sketchbooks, but my cats haven't learned how to use the scanner yet.

Click the image to see it larger.

Some general observations on my progress and technique:

2000-mainly pencil sketchbook
-core art classes=giant charcoal hands
-sketchbook art was anime influenced

2001-sketching from life
-life drawing class

2002-graduated from SVA
-made first watercolor Christmas cards
-into faeries and medieval art

2003-animation centric
-back to life drawing class
-blue pencil and microns
-playing with photoshop color

2004-first website/ online reel
-plein air watercolors
-Christmas cards sold in AZ
-learned Flash
-I'd say I started to see marked improvement between 2004-05,
mainly due to the volume of drawing I was doing.

2005-rediscovered comics
-started drawing in Flash
-bought a computer and a used cintiq
-started lj to keep up with comic friends
-mainly ink drawings in sketchbook

2006-work frustration drawings
-started blog
-illustration Friday

2007-discovered sketchbook pro
-comic anthology submissions
-brush pens!
-more digital paintings

2008-more simplified-shape driven
-life drawing improvements
-pen and wash sketch techniques

2009-cleaner watercolor technique
-working more on illustration/portrait style
-Walt Stanchfield influence on life drawing


Elara said...

Wow this is a fantastic idea. It's cool to see how your style progresses through the years!

mikecarloooyeah said...

I remember and still love the 'Zombies dont have deadlines" drawing!