Monday, January 11, 2010

Behind the scenes

Here's my desk setup for when I work in watercolors. Lately I've been penciling my final sketch onto a sheet of computer paper, taping it to my lightbox and then putting the watercolor paper on top. I paint directly over the sketch without having to pencil it onto the watercolor paper. I start with the lights and use liquid mask/frisket in the areas that I want to stay white. Once all the painting is done, I peel off the frisket and do the final lines with black India ink and a brush.

Here's a nifty movie I made with photos I took during the process. It's a bit choppy because I only decided to do it this way right now and my camera angles weren't quite all the same.


Phil said...

great to see Alisa. wouldn't it be great to animate a short film in this style?


Nice breakdown of your process...thanks for sharing it with us..


Alisa said...

Thanks guys! Phil, it would have to be a very short film for me to do it in this style! I kept forgetting to take photos at each stage. If I could rig up a camera stand, that would make it much easier.