Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bronx zoo sketches

I went to the Bronx zoo last week with some artist friends!

You may notice I did a bit of spring cleaning on ye olde blogge. My link list was getting rather ridiculous. Fear not, I am still following the 140-some blogs via the handy blog reader. Astute readers may also notice that the 5 most recently updated sites from said list appear to the right.

And perhaps you've noticed a sneak preview at the cover art for Counter Attack #3 which I will be debuting at the MoCCA Art Festival next weekend! More updates on that next week...


Ben said...

hi Alisa those are cool drawings, i grew up in flushing but didnt know any animators there.

Alisa said...

Thanks Ben! I've lived here for few years, but mostly commute to the city for work. Where are you now?