Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CA #3 Test print

I do a sketch and watercolor painting of the cover, which I apparently forgot to take photos of in process.

After scanning and getting all the pages cleaned up in Photoshop, I lay them out in Indesign. I did a test print on our Epson Printer to make sure there were no imperfections I missed in Photoshop.

The final testing stage is to see what my subjects think.

Moe gives it the paw of approval.

The cats think I've done them justice in this issue.

I send the digital Indesign files to Allan's friend Jon who prints them on nice paper and ships them back.



I bet if you'd hid a little catnip under the the book they would be happy too..

Great looking book..


Alisa said...

Ha ha, if that was the case, the book would be in pieces. Thanks Pedro!

GOGOPEDRO said... shredded books...but I'd imagine they'd take some "nip" as payment for their proofreading and approval time.