Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counter Attack #4 Part 2

Final pages of Counter Attack on my desk.

The last step that I do on paper is painting the cover. I sketch it out in pencil on a sheet of printer paper first. Then I tape it to my lightbox and paint over it on a sheet of hotpress watercolor paper that is taped on top of the sketch.

I was rather frustrated with my painting for the cover because I couldn't find the same paper I'd used for the previous ones and this paper reacted differently than I expected. But I'm including the process photos because in the end I think they look fine in the final prints. After the colors are done, I use a brush and India ink to outline it and write out the title on a separate piece of bristol board.

I scan in the art, make any fixes in photoshop, save each image as its own page, bring them into Indesign and export them as a .PDF. Then it's off to the copy shop with my PDF on a memory key! I go in the next day to look at the proof, make any changes if I need to and order the final copies. About a week later, I've got my finished comics! Fidget displays a copy of Counter Attack #4:

Only a week left until MoCCA! Allan Norico and I will be at table H7! I'll post a handy map next week.


Chris Schweizer said...

For those of us not heading up to mocca, is there a way to order one of these?

Alisa said...

Hi Chris! The first three issues are available in my store.

I'll probably have the fourth one available online in the next two weeks. Or if you want it sooner, drop me an email alisamharris (at) hotmail (dot) com and let me know you want to include issue 4 with your order.

Thanks for your interest!

Alisa said...

Okay Chris, disregard most of what I just wrote. I just updated the store to include Counter Attack 4 and Urban Nomad 3!

I'm also thinking of doing digital downloads once I'm out of physical copies.