Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Spring Street

While on my lunch break a few weeks ago, I saw this little boy walking with his parents and first thought, "cute bear hat!" Then as I got closer, I realized it was a whole bear (or is it a monkey?) SUIT and that the "tail" was actually a child leash. These parents are teaching their child shame at 4 years old. I'm not a parent, but if your kid is old enough to walk, he's probably too old for a full animal outfit if it's not Halloween. But that's just my opinion. And it did make for a funny drawing.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the MoCCA Festival this past weekend! It was great to see familiar fans, chat with past coworkers and to meet new readers and internet friends. I'm still going through all the awesome comics and books I picked up. Hopefully I will have a con review and photos online over the weekend. I'm at a new job, so blog posts will be once a week for a while.

Also, a reminder that Worldwide Sketchcrawl #31 is this coming Saturday April 16th. This one is a benefit drawing marathon for the Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief fund, so here is the donation link for Give2Asia. I was planning for the NYC group to meet at the Bronx Zoo, but if you have alternate suggestions go voice them on the forum! Final meetup location and times will be posted there as well. Also check out the forum for a Sketchcrawl location nearest you!



ha ha ha....that child is having a rough time... Did he look like he enjoyed wearing the outfit??


Cynthea said...

first i thought it was super cute...then i thought, poor kid. I hope they dont keep pictures to humiliate him with later in life.

Audrey Skalkowski said...

Hahahaha! I've actually seen that before, it also kinda makes me angry that they would treat their kid like that.

Chris Schweizer said...

My daughter has a backpack with a leashy thing built in. My wife gets really upset at the word "leash," and is not cool with me calling it so - the backpack is more or less a happy medium. Seeing as she loves runnign and picking things up, it seems better to let her do so than to hold her hand, which she has no inclination to do.

It's possible the animal suit is the kid's idea. I wore a cape until I was nine, and was grateful for my parents' indulgence.

Great picture!