Monday, August 08, 2011

Savage Beauty

Back in June I joined two of my friends at the Met for the Alexander McQueen exhibit. The line wait was a mere 45 minutes. As photography wasn't allowed in the galleries, I snuck in a few sketches where I could find a less crowded corner. I'm not usually aware of much in the fashion world but I was blown away by the imagination of the McQueen exhibit. Between how McQueen's intriguing designs and the amazing accessories created by his collaborators were displayed and the audio and video accompaniment, it was truly an immersive experience. Kudos to Andrew Bolton and his team for creating such great surroundings for the surreal, gorgeous and sometimes frightening pieces. I was hoping to make it back before the exhibit closed this past weekend, but once I heard about the four hour wait times I decided against it. If you weren't able to see it in person, there is a great collection of photos on the Met's website.

My sketches don't do the work justice, but I did a quick digital paint pass on two of them.

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