Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weeknight Rice and Beans

This week's recipe is for Weeknight Rice and Beans!

I don't know how many people visit this blog anymore or click through the links, but I'll add the text from the post anyway:

It looks like I'll be taking another short hiatus from updating Cooking Up Comics. I've run out of buffer and it takes 20 plus hours a week to draw and paint each comic which I don't have to spare at the moment. If you don't follow my Twitter, I'm also finishing up my comic Urban Nomad #4 for SPX in September. Here is a photo I took last week of an inked panel:

My finances are a bit dire right now and I'm scraping together funds to print Urban Nomad #4 and reprint Urban Nomad #3 in the next few weeks. I'm also hoping I won't have to cancel my appearance at MICE in Massachusetts later in September. So if you want to help out please consider ordering a comic or a Conan the Librarian print from my online store or hitting the donation button to PayPal any amount. I'll also be at Pete's Mini Zine Fest in Brooklyn on August 24th if you like to get your comics and zines in person!

Thanks for understanding about the hopefully short hiatus. Please check out the recipe index for plenty of recipes to make until I'm able to get back on top of updates.

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