Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A great weekend in Toronto

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello at TCAF in Toronto this past weekend! I had a lovely time tabling at the convention and exploring the city a bit before returning to New York. As always, it is great to catch up with friends I know from Twitter, Kickstarter backers and meet lots of new creators and readers.

Although I didn't get too many photos during the convention, here are some of my photos from Toronto this weekend:

Refreshing apple juice and pretzels on the short flight.

CN tower from our cab to the hotel.

My beer (Dieu du ciel rosee d'hibiscus) and grey owl cheese with bread (not pictured) at Barvolo.

Hotel elevator selfie with my husband Allan.

I was sad this cookbook store was closed, but found another cute one in Kensington Market on the weekend.

The Toronto Reference Library where TCAF was held.

The crowd on the first floor on Saturday.

Dave Roman and Allan were in their NYC uniforms (all black).

My Veggie Explosion sushi at spring rolls.

The space age interior of the Reference Library.

The cutest firehouse.

Even the mannequins near TCAF were sporting undercuts.

Exploring on Monday before our flight back to NY.

A delicious peanut butter and banana crepe at Karine's Fresh.

Allan and I explored some street art in Kensington Market

We found a freshly drawn slush cat outside Wanda's Pie in the Sky.

The TCAF pop up store in the Reference Library had some really great displays including some of my favorite authors.

And an appropriate Scott Pilgrim display to end this post about Toronto.

Thanks for the hospitality, Toronto! I'm looking forward to returning at some point. Back to deadline mode!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I'll be at TCAF this weekend!

I am so excited to be exhibiting at TCAF for the first time this coming weekend! If you're in the Toronto area May 9th and 10th come check out this free event at the Toronto Reference Library and surrounding venues. It looks like I will be at table 226 on the second floor of the Library in the Bram and Bluma Appel Salon. This may change, so I'll update on Twitter if it does.

This beautiful poster for TCAF Kids' Day was designed by special guests Gurihiru.

TCAF will be the Canadian festival debut for The Collected Counter Attack! If you have photo reference and ask nicely, I will even draw YOUR cat inside your copy of the book. I will also have issues of Urban Nomad and some cat stickers, cat button sets and mini comics. Come say hello!