Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Making waves

After the election, I was feeling pretty low. A lot of my peers were as well. I got an email from my friend Lucy with an idea to have a bunch of cartoonists each choose and draw a historical female activist holding a candle or lamp. All of the drawings would be gathered together to create a giant poster full of women who were a light in dark times. The poster is still in progress, but the idea is to donate the proceeds to Planned Parenthood when it is finished and available for purchase.

Here is the drawing I did of Elizabeth Cady Stanton the weekend after the election.

It felt good to move my pen around and make some art happen.

But I didn't really know what else to do to feel like I was making a difference.

In the following months, I donated to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood of NYC.

I signed a bunch of petitions and emailed my representatives.

By working in children's media I am hopeful that my efforts will continue to inspire the youth of tomorrow to learn all they can.

This Saturday I will be marching in NYC in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.

It doesn't feel like enough, but if each of us takes the time to make a few little waves in our corner of the world, maybe we can make ocean sized waves together.